End of August

Kage Baker was a firm believer in keeping going. Even if it’s baby steps, keep your forward momentum going as much as you can. If you wander off the chosen path, keep going anyway – there may some cool scenery at the bottom of that slope you’ve fallen down, or at least a pub. However …

Yestreday I got a lot of my prescriptions refilled (I am middle-aged and wearing out), and now the metoprolol is making me pee constantly. The levothryroxin is making me sleepy: but when I tried to nap, I discovered the I’d accidentally shut the cat in the drawer of my captain’s bed, right under my head. The dog hid a chew toy in my pillow, and the other cat clawed the gel insert out of my huaraches and noisily disembowled it.

Both vaccums are jammed, there’s a grasshopper caught in the lace curtains on the French windows and I’m out of Fudgesickles.  I give up. I am retreating to Torquay and the Ladies of Nell Gwynne’s – reality is too much for me today.

Tomorrow: we’ll try The Bus again