Scary Sunday Monsters

Kage Baker did not deal with machinery. She interfaced with it gingerly, tolerating moving parts and current as long as they did their jobs quietly and required no attention from her. At the first sign of rebellion, she’d abandon her computer for pen and ink. A steel-nibbed pen with a wooden staff, by preference And an ink bottle.

I’d fix the fiendish thingie.

Yestreday the printer began making strange grating noises – not when it was printing, which it steadfastly refused to do, but at odd intervals and random. Many unique forms of origami (reminiscent of the Jerome K. Jerome’s invulnerable pineapple tin) emerged from it, having been altered from simple text into shapes previously unknown to Mankind.

I did not fix the fiendish thingie. I spent most of today not fixing it, too.

Therefore, I am on my way to make the rounds of Best Buy, Fry’s, Staples, Target, Offices Depot and Max, and Harga’s House of Discount Printers. I hope to replace the zombie on my filing cabinet with a fresh djinn that will do my bidding.

Tomorrow: back to the NICE monsters.