Second Weekend of Performance

Kage Baker anticipated journeys with great exuberance and extreme planning. She was Queen of Lists, as I have said. I am more … organic.I am missing her even more than usual at the moment, as I try to find everything that belongs in my suitcases.

Right now I am in the midst of packing various necessities for the weekend: sugar cubes, underwear for two centuries, pearls and lace (loose, and mixed in my bag), lemonade, all my passes, Harry. I keep finding old CDs, stowaway little black cats, weird knitting projects instead. But soon I must be on the road. I may have a kitty fichu this week.

This will resume when I have made it safe to Vallejo. In the meantime, please observe that I have cleverly made it snow on the blog pages. Man, I love techno-toys!