New year’s Day

Kage Baker believed firmly in holidays – taking them, I mean. Mind you, she didn’t often bother to do it, but she was loud and determined on the necessity of doing so. It’s just that when she sat down to do relax, the writing usually grabbed her.

In honor of the intention, however, this facility will be Closed For The Holiday.

The Invisible Spirit Kraken of Writing may emerge from its cave under the desk and sieze me in its tentacles, but I will manage to escape. For one thing, I can plainly see that those tentacles are still adorned with confetti; the Invisible Kraken of Writing has a plastic fez slipped sideways on its head, sunglasses in the shape on “2011”, and is looking decidedly seedy … so I think I have a chance against it.

It’s simply that I need the time to cook today. Baked ham, Hoppin’ John, collard greens and cornbread don’t happen spontaneously.

To the kitchen!