Last Day of Winter

Kage Baker might have spent a day like this is turning out to be writing assiduously and furiously. She could be both dutiful and obsessive with very little effort. Spring won’t actually start until roughly 11:20 tonight, but the energy of the Equinox often possessed her ahead of the calendar.

On the other hand, it’s been raining like hell in a sieve since well before dawn here, and the Los Angeles Basin is slowly filling up. We’ve got wind, high tide and area flood warnings, and the Cricket O’Doom is chirping on my Weatherbug program. Mid-morning, we got one humungously enormous and deafening clap of thunder, that set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood. I gotta admit, I thought for a moment that the Big One had really come and I was going to end up in the ocean covered in rue, embarrassment and dead fish …

Also, it is cold. The cats and the dog whine and cringe and complain before they will go out on Necessary Errands, and then they come back in and walk on me with icy little feet. Icy little wet muddy feet. And accusing looks on their furry faces. The fiendish parrot laughs at everyone involved.

I suspect, though, that what Kage would have done today is more or less what I am doing: watching Tivo-ed television, exclaiming at the rain, posting intermittently on Facebook and surfing news sites. I have added knitting to this list, in an attempt to sound like I am doing something useful. And, of course, posting this teeny little blog just to make the appriopriate hashmark on the list.

Stay warm and dry, folks. Eat sweets and have beef stew for dinner. Light a nice fire and snuggle somebody. It may be technically Spring in a mere few hours, but right now it is still thoroughly winter.