Important Business, Monkey Business, Family Business

Kage Baker’s writer business is suddenly madly active and time consuming today. Things are moving, Dear Readers.

There were several Spam comments posted here this morning, all leading to different porn sites. Sorry, guys, none of them were especially keen, so I deleted them. Editorial privilege, you know. If I’m gonna host porn, I’d like there to be some men in it. Obviously, though, some rumour of this blog is spreading slowly through the aether …

It’s apparently box season! I’ve suddenly getting all sorts of things I’ve pre-ordered and forgotten about. The parrot and the Corgi are going insane from the parade of delivery men on the porch, and I suddenly have all kinds of distractions piling up. But! I also got 4 copies of the audio book of In The Garden of Iden! It’s lovely and hefty, and the lady on the cover art has sort of red hair and a nice gown with an unmistakeable Maryean Tudor neckline – which is nothing short of miraculous. She’s also wearing an inexplicable glittery gold cat mask, but hey – you can’t get everything. Cover art is a constant mystery and a frequent disaster.

Several signed contracts have been dispatched back whence they belong. Also, the changes to the first edit of TWONG II. Man, I still need a title for that, a real title. I can maybe use Who We Did on Our Summer Holidays as a subtitle, but not as the main title. Anybody out there got any suggestions, kids?

I got an email from Right Hand (otherwise known as Jessi, the indefatigable assistant to Linn-The -Agent) sending me electronic copies of a contract from Russia for Empress of Mars. Whoopee! Because the edition they did of Anvil of the World is, like, the most beautiful of all Kage’s books. She loved it. It has gold leaf, copious colour illoustrations, a cover in some interesting and mysterious leather, gorgeous Cyrillic fonts. It also appears to be printed on toilet paper, but it makes an interesting whisper when you turn the pages.

I must write. I must file. I must re-arrange the brag shelf. Hell, I must build a brag shelf in the first place – something besides boxes and boards, at least. It is obviously time to get all Kage’s books back on display where they can intimidate and inspire. I must do research. I must renew Locus, the car insurance, the storage unit, Norton Security. I must get the little black cat out of the printer, where she has taken up residence today …

Ah, the life of a would-be, almost-functional, jigsaw-reassembling writer!

About Kate

I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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12 Responses to Important Business, Monkey Business, Family Business

  1. athene says:

    “Jessi the Hand” is an excellent mob name…or porn name, come to think of it.


  2. Michael Young says:

    I don’t know how about
    Business and Pleasure
    Who we did on our summer vacation

    Hope you find the right title.


  3. Teri Pettit says:

    If you expect any title hints from your blog readers for Nell Gwynne 2, you’ll have to give us a teaser or two about the plot. 🙂


  4. Margaret says:

    “Ladies at the Shore”?
    “Nell Gwynne’s Field Trip”?
    “The Ladies’ Guide to Enlightening Summer Activities”?


  5. Kate says:

    Mike, Margaret – all those are going on the list! Thank you!

    Teri – don’t mind me, my brain is leaking out my ears, Synopsis up ASAP.


  6. Kara says:

    How about:

    “Return of the Scarlet Spy” ?


  7. Kelly says:

    How about:

    “She Sells More Than Seashells Down By the Sea Shore”


  8. Tom says:



  9. Margaret says:

    I find that I am perishing of curiosity about the Russian edition of The Anvil of the World. Sometime could you let us see the sumptuous cover, or perhaps one of the illustrations? Especially if it’s a depiction of Lord Ermenwyr, or maybe even Balnshik, who I find has – almost – replaced Emma Peel in my ‘Who I want to be when I grow up’ category. Thanks. Hmm – I wonder whether there’s an Amazon.rus…


  10. Margaret says:

    Well, I’m dim – I just checked on Kage Her Page for the first time in awhile, and there on the Anvil of the World page is the Russian cover. So has Josh Kirby been reincarnated in Russia? Now I’m really pining to see the illustrations.


  11. Kate says:

    Margaret – I was going to suggest that, to see the cover. I really should scan some illos, too … it’s a marvelously weird and lovely book. I have high hopes for Empress of Mars.


  12. Laura says:

    “Nell Gwynne and the Mystery at the Seashore: A Tale of Derring-do and Other Doings”

    Or, ahem, Others Being Done.


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