Never On Sunday?

Kage Baker distrusted the great organizations being born in recent years on the Internet. She said part of the problem was the speed at which things lived and aged in the aether. Hence her theory that AI’s and algorhythms were going senile at abnormal speeds.

Might be true. I do know that I have been unable to get onto WordPress all day, half my usual settings and information are missing, and it keep dumping me off. This may be as far as I get, Dear Readers, before our intangible cyber overlords shut me down …

But I’m thinking of you! I am trying to communicate! Listen for banging on the tubes, in clumsy Morse code – it’s been 50 years since the Brownies and I don’t remember half the alphabet! Keep an eye out for pigeons with notes tied to their toes, and starlings bearing memorized messages! Automatic writing in invisible ink!

We shall overcome.