National Coffee Day

Kage Baker liked coffee … no, I tell a lie. What Kage liked was caffeine.

To this end, she drank many pints of Coca Cola every day, because she also preferred her beverages sweet and cold. She’d tried warming up Coke but the results were not good. And before you make too much of a gagging face, Dear Readers, I must point out that she got the idea from ancient Dr. Pepper commercials, which used to actively recommend heating that for a winter-time drink.

It’s horrid, by the way. So is hot Coke, although it’s actually marginally less horrid than hot Dr. Pepper. But faced with the lack of warmed potability in her favourite beverages, Kage was forced to resort to coffee in the mornings. It gave her brain the initial needed kick-start; as soon as the neurons resumed their little do-si-do across her synapses, she would switch gratefully to Coke.

Even long days at Dickens Fair – I, desperate for caffeine and determined to be true to the ambiance, live then on Earl Grey tea brewed strong enough to use as ink. Kage drank Coke in her tea mug. And, often, with a healthy dollop of rum in it … it’s amazing how her role as a housekeeper/cook let her indulge in that with no guilt, whereas mine as lady of the house prevents me from clandestine tippling. Two old ladies at the mercy of their costuming, I fear … though Kage figured out how to outwit it. I’ve always been too susceptible to my corsetry.

Yestreday was National Coffee Day. Yeah, I failed to notice or celebrate it. I didn’t drink nearly my normal quota of the sacred drink, either, which explains a lot – why I staggered through the day in a daze, why I fell asleep before midnight, why a headache plagued me so much of the day. Maybe even why my computer didn’t want to turn on this morning; I am willing to believe in a semi-cyborgian symbiosis there, wherein the electronics I am closest to absorb caffeine through my fingertips.

But I forgot! Oh, shame upon my head and nervous system. I am making up for it today, though, and can feel the bright sparks in my mind moving more freely as my cerebro-spinal fluid is diluted and replaced with coffee …

If you, too, Dear Readers, rely upon caffeine for part of your electromagnetic energy and forgot to celebrate it yestreday – join me today and drink even more in penance and adulation. I recall Kage at one point declared Lord Ermenwyr the patron … something … of coffee, late one night as we careered through the San Joaquin valley in desperate search of the mermaid sign of ease. He’s certainly the embodiment of elegant nerves and twitchiness.

Me, I’m going to go pour myself another cup from my daily carafe, and keep waiting for the UPS truck to get here. It’s got the next 4 pounds of my monthly allotment of Mullah Coffee on it; not even the Bay Blend beans from Trader Joe’s can quite compare.

I really need another cup …