Thanks For Listening

Kage Baker, being a very modest lady as well as a generally private person, tended to keep her illnesses to herself. Whether that was a sinus headache or the undifferentiated carcinosarcoma (Rare. Fast. Deadly.) that killed her, she just preferred not to broadcast the information.

Kage always did feel that the most elegant fashion choice was invisibility.

Not being anywhere near as modest as my sister, I’ve never especially hidden it when there was something wrong with me. If I have a headache, I say so: bum some pain pills off someone, warn everyone to let me sleep, and curl up until I feel better. If I develop heart disease, I tell people why I no longer sprint from place to place and tend to pant a lot … just to be pro-actively polite, you now? Because being asked if you have rabies can be so awkward.

And now, it appears I too have endometrial cancer. And the Universe scores again! Quite aside from having all the modesty taboos of a nautch dancer, I am possessed of an overwhelming urge to stand in a high place and scream at the sky: How dare you? This is freaking outrageous!

Which it is. But all of you, Dear Readers, have been very kind and patient about this absurd current adventure; and I am grateful. So very grateful, to all of you. Thanks for listening, thanks for the splendid advice (Lots of it. Good, practical stuff, too. And I can use all of it.), thanks for the solid support. Thanks for laughing at the bad jokes; with crap like this, you just gotta laugh.

Please be assured I am hounding my doctor for information and speed. The purely practical aspects of bloggery here have not been assisted by my desktop developing its own mysterious disease this week, but it is now in the CPU clinic and I have hooked up Kage’s dear little Buke, so I can peck out the daily writing I need to do. Getting a daily schedule back on some kind of track is a great help.

So, there we are. Back to some kind of normal, now; less time spent running around in circles howling out lines from Shakespeare … besides, I always get Lear confused with Merry Wives, and end up seguing from “Blow wind and crack your cheeks…” straight into “Let it rain ringadillos ….”

Which, unless they are chocolate-coated, are of no use to me right now. But chocolate, now … hmmm, yes.Time to go top up on selected antioxidants, I think.