Yarn, Laundry and The Back Yard

Kage Baker was an enormous fan of modern conveniences. Especially really good laundry machines, and top-notch food processors. Ease in cleaning clothes, and crushed ice for cocktails – very high on her Vital Necessities of Life List. And if  the things were red, so much the better.

Tomorrow, the new dryer arrives – half a dozen different cycles; lacquered in ruby red; a lint trap that exudes all the perfumes of Araby and makes bunny-shaped dust bunnies, for all I know. But it has to be brought in and fitted in place, and the old one removed … and ours is a small house. So there is a frantic moving things around to facilitate a clear path from the front door to the laundry room going on today.

This is but Stage 1 in a drastic refit of the kitchen, too. When it is done, several of my outrageously red appliances will be accessible once again. Kimberly, too, is very fond of crushed ice – and we already have a dozen projects just waiting for my Imperial Red Kitchen Master. One of the great discoveries of my middle age has been  bread hooks …

Also tomorrow, the back yard gets a drastic trim. The wintergreen trees that lurk around the place are ruinously old – and they are getting topped tomorrow. The ravening horde arrives at 9 AM to begin the work. But again, there is a certain desperate clearing of crap that has to occur before they can work. Also, Tomato-henge must be moved to a safe place.

This all interferes with writing. I salve my conscience by reminding myself that Kage would approve of all this up-grading no end. An efficient kitchen, a comfortable garden and easy laundry: all things she required from life. Me, too.

But in the merry meantime, Dear Readers – while I move things around – I have a favour to ask. Some of you have already gotten my whining requests for help, but – Lion Brand Yarn is having an essay contest. The first prize is $500 worth of Lion stuff: yarn, needles, patterns, yarn, some yarn, some more yarn … and I entered, because I am good at essays and because I crave yarn.

So could you all go and vote for me? Well, read the essay first, of course, and if you like it: then vote for me. You can vote every day. The voting period runs until May 13th.  If you are so generously inclined, you’ll find my   entry at:


It’s entitled Holding My Sister’s Arm.

And now – off to move tomatoes!