Got Books

Kage Baker loved receiving the boxes of her books when they came – the promotional copies, the author’s copies. She’d gloat over them, inhaling their scent and checking out the covers and illustrations (if  any).

One copy would go on the Brag Shelf by her desk right away, officially On Display. She’d keep the others in their boxes by her desk for a few days – to pet them, I think – before they moved to the big closet in my room. That closet was the Official Book Repository – also where we kept the holiday deco, and our various assorted costumes. All the products and tools of mind and heart, you see.

At the moment, the Brag Shelf is not completely re-constructed. Soon it will be, though. The extras are all in storage, not as close as a bedroom closet but still of easy access when I need to pull a copy of something. And just now, the UPS man came staggering up on the front porch with three big boxes for me; brand new books!

The Corgi and the parrot went nuts, at least half a block before he got here. They can tell the UPS truck at a vast distance, and are both convinced the poor man who drives it is a ravening monster. And they egg one another on, yelling and barking at him; if Harry gets especially excited, he also meows at the unfortunate driver. God only knows what kinds of wild beasts the guy thinks live here. He wasn’t too thrilled at the three boxes, either, and wanted to know what the heck was in them? Some kind of enormous Amazon Books delivery?

Not quite. It’s my copies of The Best of Kage Baker. Three leather-bound copies, a dozen hard-covers, and another dozen soft covers. I think. They’re gorgeous – covers by Kage’s very favourite illustrator, J. K. Potter, and interior illustrations, too! I need to sort them all out – some are already spoken for – and see precisely what I have before I put them safe away.

And then – why, I’ll be able to tell how many I can spare as goodies for you faithful Dear Readers. Because I will have a few to give away as my heart wills, and not as marketing expedience demands; and I mean to offer them to you.

And in the meanwhile, the UPS man better get used to this. These are not the only boxes that will be arriving here. Not if my luck holds!