July 27, 2012

Kage Baker:  grinning in my memory today, busy as I was with a bag of plums, two fancy pens and 9,000 signature sheets still to complete.

A morning spent signing things, and singing to English, Scots and Irish folk music with my family: everybody was home, everybody knew the words, and it was just plain fun.  I followed the news just enough to be aghast at Mr. Romney’s arsey-versy diplomacy, and to be amazed when the VP in charge of PR for Chick Filet dropped dead of a heart attack. Let loose the dogs of irony!

Then a break in the afternoon to go case roses and herbs and buy lavender bushes. Oh, and sing along in the car with the famous “Ode To Joy” from famous Beethoven’s famous 9th symphony, broadcast from the Albert Hall in London for the Olympics! In our family tradition, (since only Kage and Kimberly ever the words in German) we sang the words to the lovely old American ballad Clementine. Kage discovered years ago that Clementine could be sung to the “Ode To Joy” – and vice versa. Throw in lots of choral “bum bum bums!” and arm waving, and you can conclude the 9th symphony in a perfect paroxysm of joy. Not to mention frightening the people in the next car.

Consequently, I have not written much today. Nor will I.  I should have time for another 300 signatures before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics begin on American telly. There will be Philly Cheese Steak Pizza for dinner. Harry can stay up late and sneer at the  funny mascots, while we cheer all the bright flags and goofy uniforms and insanely, heroically hopeful athletes.

I can hardly wait for the cage fight between Lord Voldemort and Mary Poppins!