Feel Free To Add Your Own Complaints

Kage Baker loved heat. I don’t. It makes me cranky and mean and hot.

Well, (says a voice in my head reasonably) what do you expect heat to do? I don’t know but I don’t like this. Gangrenous or leprous would be preferable to the feeling that I am being slowly rendered down for cooking oil.

I had to venture out into the world today to run errands. It sucked. My corner of the world seems to have been taken over by malignant pod-people with bad taste, no peripheral vision on the road, and inadequate hygiene. The Cat Madam won’t stay off my keyboard and has already opened and randomly edited two story fragments – and now I have to re-write Marswife. The humidity is 50%, which is just absurd. And I’m out of plums.

So there will be no blog today, due to the power failure. Oh, we still have plenty of electricity: my power has failed. My central processor has melted and my brain is leaking out my ears. And I’m nasty-tempered with it, too.

Gonna go eat dill pickles and swig cold water. Then peel the damned Cat Madam off my keyboard and shoot some zombies. And then go look at pictures of Mars. Thank God for anger displacement activities!