Kage Baker loved those  little intermission film clips you used to see in newsreels and the like. You know – a sort of Whoo-WHOO-Whoo-WHOO carnival score on organ, with hypnotically swirling coloured background patterns and a neatly lettered advisement to Let’s All Go To The Lobby!

This was originally back in the Very Old Days, you understand. Back when double features and a cartoon were actually standard fare. In that break between the films, you could sprint up to the candy counter and renew supplies for the next movie. But the efforts of the theatre to get us to eat expensive junk have never flagged. Some of them still use the good old film strips; and even nowadays, if you’re fast, you can achieve the same determined supply run between the commercials clip (disguised as a trivia game) and the 23 Previews.

Of course, nowadays you can also get bottled water and nachos and Cinnebons and soft pretzels and other fancy crap (as well as the old-fashioned crap). As long as the old-fashioned crap is still there, all is well. Kage actually boycotted one theatre chain when they stopped carrying Mars and Nestles chocolates in favour of some Japanese  gummy       crap …

Intermission is time for popcorn and watery Coke and Ice Cream Bon Bons.  I liked Jordan Almonds and Black Crows; Kage liked Baby Ruths and Junior Mints, so all was equitable and awkward sharing was not required. And then Kage could sit and enjoy the mind-emptying kaleidoscope on the screen, while we waited for the movie to resume. Intermission was a time to get comfortable. Kage would stretch out her long legs and settle down with a happy sigh, waving one hand in time to the honky-tonk  organ music … she loved that stuff.

I am attempting to get comfortable now, as the temperature finally drops below 80 degrees here. And where I am, on the edge of Griffith Park, is better than most of Los Angeles – it’s been triple digits in the San Fernando Valley, and off in the Eastern Wastes of Chino and San Berdoo and the ill-named Riverside. Most of the day I have been indoors, hiding from the heat and sleeping.

I haven’t even been productive – I had to go out this morning and got caught in the early furnace blast while driving home from the Westside. However, it was for the quarterly check up with my oncologist, and the news is splendid: I passed my C-125 test with flying colours and a paltry score of 8. So I continue cancer-free! I cock snooks at you, carcinoma!

But it’s just been too hot all day to do much of anything. Kimberly has just come in from courageously watering the garden in the gloaming, and the most beautiful perfume is wafting in from the new, wet lawn …. time to eat watermelon and relax. Time to eat the last of the Magnum Minis (itty tiny ice cream bars on miniature sticks!) and watch some mindless telly.

Tomorrow, I will share with you, Dear Readers, some fascinating news I have just discovered about Sir Flinders Petrie. But tonight is intermission. Have some popcorn and candy, and relax.