Kage Baker would have characterized my last week as a cluster f***.

Complete with asterisks. She was one of those rare people who can actually pronounce asterisks. I think it had something to do with her descent from real Southern ladies.

Anyway, I offer abject apologies to all my Dear Readers. I was much rejuvenated by my week in misty Seattle – but came back to a week of revolving plagues. I’ve monopolized the bathroom, narrowly avoided strep throat, almost drowned in my own mucus and am now just getting over coughing up my lungs. And the overlap has been hell …

Anyway, the heat is continuing in Los Angeles, but definitely beginning to waver. It’s finally becoming believable that someday it will be cool enough here for human life again. I will survive the tag end of summer, and fall will be my salvation. And in the meantime, I can once again expect to spend some time upright and conscious and not wishing I would just die in my infrequent sleep.

Thank you for your patience! It’s kind of you all to follow a blogger who keeps coming down with weird diseases It’s  darned good thing that real viruses cannot be transmitted over the aether.

Tomorrow, we will return to our normal broadcasting. Virtual roses and chocolates to you all!