12/21/12 (Almost)

Kage Baker said repeatedly that the world actually ends all the time. It’s just that no one really notices. So it spins on, and whatever is happening is what always happened, and no one is the wiser.

If the world ends tonight, who will notice? Only those who escape it and go on to whatever comes next; and it will only come next for them. For everyone else, what comes next will look enough like what came last that nothing will be remarked. Roses were always blue; narwhales always lived in Lake Michigan, and isn’t it convenient that cats have thumbs?

The winter solstice occurs here in Los Angeles at 3:12 AM on December 21st. I may yet be awake; I usually am. If you all vanish, I’ll try to bring it to your attention, Dear Readers. And if I vanish, I’ll try to leave something scrawled somewhere to let you know. CROATOAN WAS HERE. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. WHO SO PULLETH THIS SWORD FROM OUT THIS STONE WILL BE LIABLE FOR PROSECUTION.

Something, anyway.

But regardless, it will be the Light Reborn yet again from the depths of the darkness. Whether or not you or I sees it, the Light returns and the world will rejoice. If the world falls now, it will fall into ever-increasing light. And that’s a good way to go.

Good night, all.