The Road, Going On

Kage Baker loved the road. She loved new roads, and always announced gleefully when we turned on to one – nothing thrilled her more, I think, than a new world coming into view around a curve of road.

She also loved familiar roads, if they had been good roads in the past. She never, ever warmed to the 10 Freeway, for instance, because in the years we took it out to the Southern Faire in Devore it was a Trail of Tears. Also fires, killer winds, floods, landslides, wild dog packs, flying roof tiles, 18-wheeler suicides and filthy bathrooms in gas stations staffed by zombies and possum mutants. But she loved the I-5, even at it’s scariest.

I drove to Santa Clara today, in Northern California. A long haul along the familiar and weird I-5, then a dogleg through the pass at the 156 -Fossils! Cherries! Casa de Fruita! Garlic! The rising bare bones of the dying San Luis Obispoi Reservoir! – to the perfumed paradise of Gilroy. And hence to the BayCon 2014 venue, where I am presently ensconsed in a nice hotel room.

Pandora Radio playing English folk rock – oh, the Faire is haunting me tonight. On my Buke, no less, while I type. Man, I love techno toys! Gives my memories jet packs to go with their wings.

I shall regale you, Dear Readers, with more details of the drive tomorrow. Also of the Con, which is barely begun tonight – ConOps is valiantly insomniac downstairs, setting up with frantic speed as really strange people come crowding in, scaring the hotel staff. The hotel itself has undergone a refit, which will generously supply me no end of commentary on the morrow – someone on the design staff is on (or needs) serious drugs.

In the meantime, here we are again! Back at the old taco stand, to see friends and fans and Faire people; because BayCon is heavily populated with Faire people, and was Kage’s fave rave convention thereby.

You know what, though, Dear Readers? I can actually sleep tonight, I think. All I have to do is drive hundreds of miles! Wonder why I didn’t think of that before?

And so – goodnight.