May 29th

Kage Baker – yes, even Kage Baker, Queen of productivity and determined teller of tales – had days when her power plant went down.

Sometimes a belt snapped, or the mill race was full of displaced fish and water hyacinth, or jellyfish had taken over the warm waste water outlets. Sometimes the dam burst and the Cherokees escaped from Fort Mudge.* It all depended on what level of power she was exploiting that day.

I believe that I myself run on hot gas and coffee. However, over the last adventure-packed weekend, I think I have blown off several of my gas shells and have not yet formed a new nebula. The caffeine, my backup generator system, has failed to kick in to take up the slack. It’s warm dreamy afternoon with a sweet breeze blowing; the bones of my skull have softened, and my brain is leaking out my ears …

I also have a new Jim Butcher book. I really should read it before June 3rd, which is when the new Stephen King book comes out. When that happens, most other activity comes to a stop while I indulge in folie a deux with Mr. King.

Gonna go eat watermelon and enjoy wizardly politics with Harry Dresden. See you tomorrow!



# See Walt Kelly at Amazon: