Temporarily Out Of Order

Kage Baker loved the work of Robin Williams. She also knew him to be a nice guy, as anyone who ever met him – no matter how casually – was wont to testify.

He died yestreday,  pretty much of being alive and turned up to  the SUPER MAX ATOMIC HIGH setting.. It’s an occupational hazard when you dance so close to the razor edge of the human condition as Robin Williams did.

This isn’t a eulogy. I have no anecdote to explain why my pain is worse than anyone else’s (there’s the usual amount of that going on, I’m sure.) I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that a good man is dead, and it’s a loss to the world, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Also, I stayed up until 3:30 watching his movies, and now my brain is fried. Metaphor, simile and all my usual attendant adjectives are mostly greasy smoke on the ceiling of my mind.

Take care of yourselves, Dear Readers. We’ll return to what passes for normalcy tomorrow.