February 10th, I

Kage Baker was into victory dances, at least partially because Harry the Parrot loved to dance with people. Kage could cavort all around the living room with the parrot clinging to her shoulder, shrieking with glee. Both of them, usually … Stories being accepted, payments coming in, publication dates, good reviews – these were all things that had Kage dancing round the room.

I’m not a dancer anymore, but I’m still celebrating a victory today. The March 2015 issue of Asimov’s is on sale now and “Pareidolia” is out! Paper editions per subscription and in good bookstores; e-book formats available for both Nook and Kindle. And both our names are on the cover!

I have no illusions as to why mine is there – I’m being rewarded for carrying Kage’s lamp and not dropping it. I don’t care. I am incandescent with joy. We didn’t get an internal illustration, but that’s kind of a relief – Kage usually had hysterics over the magazine illustrations, which were so awful they were deathless. Her favourite was for “An Incident Concerning Dr. Kalugin”, which had a black and white illo that would have looked great in Famous Monsters of Filmland – and Kage was one to know, because she read that faithfully as a kid.

Anyway, the story is out and will hopefully please. I’ve had a couple of kind remarks sent to me already. I do most sincerely hope this “takes”, because I will have others if anyone wants them. Despite my problems with the flu this winter – a lifetime’s semi-immunity seems to have worn off in one season – there are 3 stories that have actually begun to be written down.

The Aussie story will resume later this afternoon, Dear Readers. Time to identify some characters and find a plot!

And in between bursts of writing, I can stare at the cover of Asimov’s, where our names are together for the latest time …