Stepping Out For A Moment

Kage Baker loved David Bowie.

I mean, who didn’t? He was amazing. Last night he died, after a long illness which he kept an absolute secret. He managed to hit the mark of his own birthday, and release a last album for the rest of us. The Internet is filled to overflowing with heartfelt grief and brilliant memorials; I have no words to add. Go check Simon Pegg, he said the best so far.

I found out Bowie was dead as I was reeling from another unexpected revelation. I was staring at an old photo my niece Katie posted on my Facebook page – a photo of Kage holding Katie for her christening. (Kage was Katie’s godmother.) The photo was taken in the shadowed side chapel of Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, and Kage was 31 years old. I don’t think I’ve seen it since the day it was taken.

Pictures of Kage when she was young have occasionally been requested of me. I have very few. Katie is apparently going through family photos, though, so … here is Kage in 1983.

Time is too much for me today. I’m gonna step out for a drink, and a smoke, and a cry.

See you later, Dear Readers.