Kage Baker suffered from migraines. So do I.

She got them from too much sugar, bright sunlight, fatigue, general bad vibes and (she claimed) wearing quartz crystals. I have no idea what triggers mine. For all I know, I get them when Mercury is retrograde – whenever that is, I’m not sure. But I get them in my sleep as well as while awake (the black and silver thorn patterns that show up in my dreams are diagnostic) and I know I don’t go out and roll in quartz crystals in my sleep.

Kage suffered because they hurt her badly, and she couldn’t read or write when she had them. I suffer because mine don’t hurt, and so I try to tough them out. When that happens, I make mistakes in whatever I am doing. I lose my place in books, type badly, knit like a spider on LSD …

I’ve deleted this entry  completely twice, and partially three times: all by accident. I had all sorts of interesting migraine trivia to share, as well as various amusing anecdotes – but alas! All those lands lie under the wave. Which is black and silver and spiky, and getting higher.

I’m going to go take several feverfew capsules (feverfew is cool) with very strong coffee, and lie down with my head in a pillow.

We will resume tomorrow.