January 31st

Kage Baker – born June 10, 1952; died January 31, 2010.

It’s raining on and off in Los Angeles today; which is a nice thing, actually. I’m not doing much; mostly sitting still and reading. It’s a sad day. Not paralytic. mind you – Kage herself would not approve of that – but sad, nonetheless.

Uncomfortable, too. In a childish fit of self-indulgence yestreday, I bought a box of Good ‘N Plenty.  They tasted as good as ever, but I broke a back tooth on ’em. Now I have a busted molar; my dentist doesn’t open until tomorrow, and I can’t chew … so I’m hungry and toothache-ridden and embarrassed  as well as sad.

Kage would scold me. She always said my appetite for black licorice would bring me to a bad end. And, let’s face it, Good ‘N Plenty is not exactly the Dom Perignon of licorice candies … sometimes, one just craves the cheap stuff. And a lot of good it usually does one, too. Ah, well.

It’s a good day to pull the covers up over your head, and wait for the entire mess to end.

I think I’ll have rum and Coke for dinner.

2010 (almost)