Vegetative States

Kage Baker was subject to a strange condition called “mumping.” At least, she called it that. I have no idea what anyone else called it – but it involved mutating into a vegetable entity and sitting around scowling and doing nothing as hard as possible.

“I am a mump blossom, and soon I shall blossom into complete nothingness,” she would announce. “I am turning into a cauliflower. I can feel it.”

And she would. And it would last a while and then go away. No more specific descriptors are available.

Here, Dear Readers, a great deal of California is presently and fire and at least 3 places I cherish for their incomparable memories are in danger of burning up as I write.  Probably one ot two of them already have. It’s far too hot, far too humid, far too noisy. My brain has fallen out my ears and is running around on the floor, with Corgi hair sticking to it.

So, since I personally never mastered mumping, here is a warning sign:

I’ll be back when I am no longer a cauliflower. Now I am going to write about blue squirrels.