Kage Baker – there, my ritual salutation is in place.

My ex-agent, Linn Prentis, died Christmas Eve. I just found out today. I am sad and sorry, though we did not part on the best of terms: maybe, sadder and sorrier because we did … but she was good to and for Kage. I hope she is happier now, off at a really good cocktail party in a New York filled with glittering friends, somewhere where her back no longer hurts.

Tor Books returned my book Knight & Dei, with a  polite “No”. On the other hand, they now have a novella program, so my agent is sending them “The Teddy Bear Squad”. And if we can land another editor with that– maybe one with a less refined sense of humour – my picaresque novel may yet sell.

And Tor is re-issuing Kage’s books in e-format, with quite lovely new covers. So her backlist is alive and in good health, huzzah!

Also, Hungary has made an offer to buy The Women of Nell Gwynne’s. Whoopie! Another foreign market – that always thrilled Kage.

Me, I feel like an egg dropped on a sharp rock tonight. So I am going to curl up and stare at the penultimate night of the Christmas lights, and probably go to bed early.

Happy 11th Day of Christmas, Dear Readers. Not all of 2017 is starting out bad, after all.