Another PSA

Kage Baker didn’t believe in beating dead horses. (It’s mean.) Also, she could tell when a continuing activity was futile.

My little Buke is giving out. It’s dropping pages and tabs, losing files (horrors!) and refusing to hold a charge.

Mind you, I paid all of $15.00 for it on a Fry’s Electronics loss leader ad, and it’s served me for several years. I’ve gotten my m0ney’s worth. And now it’s driving me nuts.

Besides, it’s running Windows 8.1 and cannot be upgraded. I can’t work like this.

If I can configure a work-around on my Kindle, I will be back tomorrow, Dear Readers. In the meantime, although the poor little Buke’s ability to cope with the ather is fading, I can still write in Open Office.

So I will be a good girl, and go work on (appropriately) my zombie story.

Even Kage would be giving up on this by now …