I Need To Start Again

Kage Baker didn’t have the easiest of lives. Let’s face it; few people do, and most of those are no one you’d want to know.

She persevered, though, and enjoyed the vast majority of her days. When it was obvious The End was in sight, Kage just shrugged and proceeded to work and party as hard as she could till the landlord called time. And she left things to me to finish.

I’ve managed some of them. I haven’t given up on the others, but it’s been a hard, hard year for me. I’m way behind on my duties. My life has moldered strangely and badly. Worst of all, it’s gone bad in ways I did not anticipate, and for which I had stored away no weaponry. In the Great Conflict of Life, Dear Readers, I have been losing.

I’ve not been posting this blog because … the world has just been too dismally depressing for me. I’ve been hiding. Sleeping. Trying to stay alive. My health has not been cooperative. My car has died. I’m broke. The Federal Gummint is reviewing whether or not I deserve to stay alive. We had a major spider hatch here in Los Angeles, and have been fighting them tooth, nail and palps. I’m depressed, my heart is limping, my diabetes has been out of control, I am covered with welts and bites. It’s been my feeling, Dear Readers, that no one would want to see my miserable summer recounted.

So I haven’t. But now – while things are only slightly  better – I am not feeling like a smashed egg anymore. I’ve no idea if anyone is still listening (and it’s my own fault if you are not) but I am trying to resume what passes for a normal life these days.

In other words, I’m back.

More to follow. My thanks to anyone still attending to my little soapbox. Let’s all hang up some pumpkin lights and see how things look with a little more illumination.