What Happened

Kage Baker was a firm believer in that axiom made famous by the eponymous hero of  Forrest Gump: “Shit happens.”

She believed it firmly, and not in the semi-lovechild meaning of  “stuff”. She meant SHIT, no kidding nor holds barred crap of a societal (if not literal; and often precisely that) meaning and application. In an unpublished portion of the story of Gard and his family, Kage has Ermenwyr remark: “If that happens, then flaming shit will rain from the sky: and we were well to have a steel umbrella.”

And Kage figured that was a mild manifestation.

My quiet little life has recently encountered some high tides of fecal matter. My health has taken some odd  turns. The world has been hard to take – as it has for everyone. The most difficult thing has been a run-in with a troll; who managed, in a general whirlwind of abuse, to land one or two blows that really knocked me flat.

So, I’ve been silent. I had been proud of shouting into the void. For the last few weeks, though, I been nurturing an arrow to the most sensitive portion of my ego. Does anyone listen, or care? I dunno. But Kimberly says she does, and that’s enough for me. Anyway, I’ve decided I rather like shouting into the void. The echoes are trippy.

So, more reminisce, and more whining about my health; more laughing at it, too. Some amusing things have happened – more of that. More speculation, more weird science, more extinct species cavorting in public.

More, more, more. Tomorrow.