Kage Baker enjoyed celebrating birthdays – other people’s birthdays, especially. She said it gave her an excuse to holiday extravagantly, without being selfish. And she felt that all and any birthday ought to be celebrated over several days.

Years when we were especially flush, the entire 3 weeks between her birthday and mine was one long party: trips and fancy meals and copious cocktails. Kage called it the “birthday charabanc”, and her favourite technique was to combine as many natal observances as possible in one long celebratory go.

Since all of our assorted sisters were born in June and July (as well as both of us) that could get pretty crazy. It was great. A lot of such holidays included Catalina Island, where we drank too much, played miniature golf (best course ever), saw weird movies, annoyed mariachi bands, took tours … there was always something. One of the better nights, I recall someone stunning a frog hiding in a golf cup; then we went and watched the original Nosferatu in the back room of a pizza parlour and were consequently awake all night in fear. Good times.

Today is my birthday. No charabanc nor weeks long celebration, but my family has been planning it for a while, and I am happy with the results.  I’m alive, for one thing. I am 65 years old, which seems like bad science fiction. And I am recovering successfully from a proximal fracture of the right humerus, which has prevented me from typing much for the last month. However: I am tons better. Surgery will NOT be necessary, as I am healing with inhuman speed and there is no dislocation of the shoulder joint. Huzzah for me!

I still can’t type two-handed, or drive, or sleep lying down. I can just barely scratch my nose, which is an actual improvement; I can hold at least a pound in my right hand (if I keep the arm bent) and pull my own pants up. This is an enormous relief not only to me, but to my ever-patient sister, Kimberly. Also, I can carry a coffee cup – though I cannot get it to my mouth with my right hand. I have a serious case of Tyrannosaur arm.

Still, the pain is better and every day brings an improvement. I start physical therapy in two weeks. Soon I shall once more be able to cock snooks, and make the Sign of the Star-Nosed Mole once again!

In the meantime … there was Chinese food for dinner, which was great. There will be tres leches cake for dessert. I got over 100 birthday greetings today, which has been the nicest thing to happen to me in a month. I feel loved. And thanks to the care of my family, I feel well enough to be happy at all this.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your own care, good wishes, and continuing patience. Barring breaking more vital bones, I think I can return to writing more frequently. I mean to try, anyway.

So, happy birthday to me! Happy July to everyone, and let us all strive for a less exciting summer now.