At WorldCon76 1 of Who Knows

Kage Baker would have loved this Con. It’s huge, amazing, rich in detail, full of truly unusual visuals and everyone is polite and happy.

This will be the first of several snapshots, due to the almost-total collapse of my computing abilities. My phone won’t reach out through the Convention Center walls, the handle broke off my computer case as I went to my room last night, and the conputer within died. I am now on my Kindle, AND a totally unsecured network, but hey – it’s a route to the world.

I will just be careful with my passwords. (FYI, most of them are SCREW YOU!)

Sorry, Dear Readers, I am in a funny mood. Discovering the new limits of my body is a sobering experience. Or, no: it’s a get drunk and howl at the moon experience.

But I am a mature woman, so instead I am sitting here in the Hub of the Con. I have my writing hat on. I have my writing necklace on. And I am writing.

Back in a bit. I need to find some coffee …