Where Am I?

Kage Baker considered one of the key phrases from the movie Buckaroo Bonzai one of the truest philosophies ever elucidated:

No matter where you go, there you are.

She said either it was either deeply existential, bedrock self-awareness or it was totally looney nonsense, and God was laughing at us all. She also said she didn’t care which it was; it was just so deep, you know?

If God wasn’t laughing, Kage certainly was.

During the March/April cusp, I found myself waking at intervals to wonder just where the hell I was, anyway? I went from Glendale Memorial, where they thought I was brain dead and discharged me with a lung infection when I turned out not to be; to Barlow Respiratory Rehab, where they had me off the ventilator so quickly I had a sudden collapse and relapse; to my present abode, the Chateau or Chalet (I’m not sure which) where they are carefully and successfully restoring me to a working condition.

I’ve been pretty sure of my whereabouts for a couple of months now. I’m doing all kinds of big girl things, But I a really, really exhausted right now, Dear Readers, I must beg your indulgence, and call it a night. Or day. Or wherever I am.

Kage would know, I am sure.