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“Rightwise King Born of All Britain”

Kage Baker‘s favourite living author was/is Sir Terry Pratchett. (He, thank God, is still in an “is” condition.) When asked, as all authors are, what she herself read for pleasure, she always answered quite seriously that all her faves were … Continue reading

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Habit and Ritual

Kage Baker was, as I have noted before, much given to rituals. Most of them were starting rituals: how to begin activities, rites that had to be followed in order to assure given activities a proper chance of success. It’s … Continue reading

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Hot Water, Bright Reflections

Kage Baker was only moderately fond of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien . No one could grow up in California in the 1960’s and remain unaware of him; and in fact she read the entire trilogy before it was famous … Continue reading

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Broken Glass

Kage Baker loved coloured glass. She collected it: not glass objects so much as bits of broken glass. She lined the window sills with it, turning the windows into room-filling kaleidoscopes. At certain times of the day, rainbows ran through … Continue reading

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Hot Water – In It, Want It, Need It!

Kage Baker usually declined to deal with delivery people, repairmen, mechanics, ringing telephones … they all unnerved her to excess, and those of us who knew her also knew it was to everyone’s benefit if Kage was not point woman … Continue reading

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Omens & Atmosphere

Kage Baker placed great emotional importance on omens, anniversaries, hallmarks and the like. The sight of a blue heron flying overhead always meant money was on the way. Looking up at just the moment the streets lights come on was … Continue reading

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The Music of the Orbs

Kage Baker was fascinated by ghost stories. She only wrote one, though, and was not very pleased with it – neither were any of her editors, and I think it’s only available these days on I like it, but … Continue reading

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Filing Systems of the Right-Brained

Kage Baker practiced the stratalogical method of filing. She employed piles, heaps and towers of reference material. Continental drift moved information around; sometimes where she could find it, sometimes where it could ambush her with a new idea. Ritual objects, … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday!

Kage Baker was, alas, given to migraines. A daily dose of feverfew kept them a baty, but nothing klee[ps prevents them entirely. Or all the time. And qwhen they hit, there is nothing for it but to go to bed. … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday!

Kage Baker, like any sensible person, liked to sleep in on Saturdays. She didn’t get to do that much as an adult – despite a vow at the end of high school that she was never going to see a … Continue reading

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