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Day Zero – Good News

Hi – this is Neassa. I just heard from Kimberly and the surgery was a success! It took longer than the surgeon had planned. He apparently didn’t believe Kathleen when she told him just how much scar tissue she has!

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Day 1

Kage Baker hated waiting. Anticipation was not her favourite state. The wait for something did not heighten the excitement for her, nor add spice to the occasion. The only manifestation she enjoyed was wrapping up birthday presents the night before, … Continue reading

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Day 2

Kage Baker liked lists. It gave her a feeling of security to have a linear map to the future, she said: a path of stepping stones clearly marked out through the treacherous morass of What Is To Come. Mind you, … Continue reading

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Day 3

Kage Baker was a patient and methodical person. Her motives, methods and logic were sometimes so weird I wanted to set my hair on fire – but once she had a plan, she worked toward it with an admirable efficiency … Continue reading

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Day 4

Kage Baker, as I have noted often before, loved Halloween. When I was 18 and had the very first surgery to try and correct my kidney, I was in hospital at this same time of year. The place was decorated … Continue reading

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Day 5

Kage Baker had very firm ideas about how trouble should be apportioned out in any one person’s life¬† She didn’t expect to glide scatheless through the woes of everyday life – she was just quite sure that a certain balance … Continue reading

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Day 6

Kage Baker was a keen observer of hospital decor.¬† Through most of our life, she was the one visiting me; though I rather made up for that in her last year. She had several amazing rooms at the Arroyo Grande … Continue reading

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The Countdown Begins – Day 7

Kage Baker frequently despaired of my health. Not that it was that bad. I seldom got colds or influenza or even migraines; I don’t have a bad back or trick knee or compulsive shin splints, or any of the other … Continue reading

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