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Time Games

Kage Baker was a connoisseuse of the vagaries of Time. Even when she wasn’t creating them herself. Its contractions and dilations, its sweeping tidal bores and shallows – the way a hangover will last 3 days while the evening that … Continue reading

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The Cost of Responsibility

Kage Baker was pretty serious about her civic responsibilities. She believed in a contract between citizens and the government, wherein rights are guaranteed – the Constitution does say so – but privileges must be earned. By both contractees, by the … Continue reading

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Remember, Remember

Kage Baker liked the idea of Guy Fawkes Day. Not the original, mind you. The murderous plot to blow up Parliament with a super-bomb of gunpowder, so as to restore a Catholic government to England – that, Kage found both … Continue reading

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Driving To Winter

Kage Baker felt that seasons were not only arranged chronologically, but geographically.This is easier to demonstrate in chimerical California than in most places; our seasons are subtle and given to makeup and costumes. A certain characteristic winter light, for instance, … Continue reading

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