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I Don’t Know Where I Am, But I Don’t Like It

Kage Baker used her writing as an anodyne for pain, a refuge from fear, an outlet for obsessions, a fun-house mirror for whatever was displeasing her with its general looks. Twisting something into a Mobius curve can change its entire … Continue reading

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On The Outside, Looking Further Out

Kage Baker never indulged in any writing contests or seminars. The last class she took in creative writing was in high school, at good old Immaculate Heart High School. Mind you, the teacher for that class was the inestimable poet … Continue reading

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Still Smoking, But It’s Cool

Kage Baker loved the transformations of the seasons. That’s a little weird for a born Angelina, as our seasons here in the Basin are often eccentric and usually delicate. But we native children of the place know how to discern … Continue reading

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November the First, Again

Kage Baker had a list of television shows she absolutely would not miss , if at all possible. Some of them were a little peculiar, and some cycled on and off her necessities list: BBC specials, film festivals, favourite cartoons. … Continue reading

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