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Christmas Eve 2013

Kage Baker always relaxed by Christmas Eve. The great holiday rushes were effectively over – what hadn’t gotten done, wasn’t going to get done: the curtain was rising on the holiday inexorably, bright with lights and gaudy with tinsel, and … Continue reading

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Down To The Wire

Kage Baker loved Christmas. A little cautiously, because she had a low tolerance for cute or sentimental: but deeply. Hers was a midnight-by-starlight love, a candles-through-stained-glass love, an ancient memories love. In her heart, Kage was always out standing on … Continue reading

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Of Turpentine and Tapirs and Second Looks

Kage Baker was, as is well known,  fascinated with the unlikely preservation of “lost” objects. She was  equally fascinated by the sudden discoveries of things not only new, but unexpected. The sudden identification of something that turned out to have … Continue reading

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The Dreams That May Come

Kage Baker believed in dreams. Every writer does; every writer of fiction, anyway. You have to believe in a dream with a certain precision, tenacity and detail in order to turn it into a story. And that’s pretty much what … Continue reading

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California Winter

Kage Baker, being a native Californio, admired weather. She wrote lovingly of it, notably in the opening paragraphs of The Life of The World To Come. She studied it constantly, especially in her lives as a gardener, a traveller, a … Continue reading

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Where Did I Go? Out. What Did I Do? Nothing.

Kage Baker liked to occasionally disappear. One of her great secret joys consisted of going off somewhere and not telling anyone – at least, not telling anyone who wasn’t integral to the going away. Usually that was just me, Professional … Continue reading

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