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This Time, I’ll Yell Out

Kage Baker had one dependable solution for those moments when the world became too much for her. That was to write. Because really, kids, let’s be honest. Unless you are Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (or on serious drugs. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Daylight Aberrations

Kage Baker simply detested Daylight Savings. She didn’t really care about getting more daylight for the merchants’ convenience – as she observed, we were in modern times and had lots of artificial lighting available. And people had managed even back … Continue reading

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What Happened

Kage Baker was a firm believer in that axiom made famous by the eponymous hero of  Forrest Gump: “Shit happens.” She believed it firmly, and not in the semi-lovechild meaning of  “stuff”. She meant SHIT, no kidding nor holds barred … Continue reading

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