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No Thanks, Nostalgia

Kage Baker liked to reminisce, from time to time, about the diverse things that made our adolescence interesting and unique. It was a kind of mental aerobics for her – it exercised her memory, letting her keep the files tidy … Continue reading

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Up, Up and Inside Out!

Kage Baker adored Pixar. It’s not at all too strong a word. Animation in general was one of her most emotional passions, and Pixar was like a new Messiah vaulting across the heavens of animated films. She had rejoiced when … Continue reading

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July 1st

Kage Baker always had a plan. She made plans compulsively, determinedly. She made lists, with headings and sub-headings and all the alpha-numerical descending gradations we learned in high school essay: 1,2,3 to A,B,C to i, ii,iii to a,b,c and down … Continue reading

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