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Other Stuff. Happening Somewhere Else.

Kage Baker often used random Web surfing to ease her passage into productive writing. Not to solve writer’s block. She seldom had that for more than an hour or so, and a ruthless hour weeding and pruning in her garden … Continue reading

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Stuff. Happening.

Kage Baker was wont to remark, wisely, that stuff  just happens. She (also wisely) didn’t specify precisely what kind of stuff happened, because, really – you just never know in advance. And with us, it could always be really wild … Continue reading

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New Buke!

Kage Baker loved her chosen writing devices. She had to have close personal relationships with them, or her Muse refused to talk to her. Her longest-lasting relationship was with good pens and bad paper. She was very picky about her … Continue reading

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Paradoxes in Pictures

Kage Baker loved days when lots of interesting things cropped up in the news. She didn’t like being interrupted to learn about them – I saved ’em up for mealtimes and long drives, usually. And those times when Kage would … Continue reading

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Finding Your Own Fun

Kage Baker disliked surprises. She didn’t care for changes, she detested practical jokes, and even “nice” surprises like birthday presents made her nervous. What if she didn’t like them? What if they forced changes on her routines? What if she … Continue reading

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Adventures In Grist

Kage Baker clung to the philosophy that everything was grist for the writer’s mill. It wasn’t that she was desperate to find material for stories – inspiration was her constant companion; her Muse guided her through her days with his … Continue reading

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Jump-starting Sessile Behaviour

Kage Baker taught me that a writer sometimes needs to jump-start their writing. Forcibly. Perhaps with explosives. This means that writers can fall into behaviour totally lacking the energy curve sufficient to make the leap into actual writing. Research slowly … Continue reading

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