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I Don’t Know Where I Am, But I Don’t Like It

Kage Baker used her writing as an anodyne for pain, a refuge from fear, an outlet for obsessions, a fun-house mirror for whatever was displeasing her with its general looks. Twisting something into a Mobius curve can change its entire … Continue reading

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Kage Baker had blessedly little experience with writer’s block, as I have said. She had even less tolerance for what little block she did suffer. She could power through just about any pain, even the beginnings of a migraine. She … Continue reading

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Hyper- vs. Hypo – vs. It’s All Good!

Kage Baker, like all writers, resented her occasional fits of writer’s block. Never mind that hers were inhumanly brief, especially compared with many other, famous, unfortunate writers. There are some who spent more time blocked than they did writing, and … Continue reading

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And Back Again

Kage Baker blessedly lacked a few of the classic problems of the writer. She seldom got writer’s block, and never for very long. She was seldom depressed. She dodged, resisted and/or ignored comments from her audience, and thus was untroubled … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Gardening

Kage Baker loved gardening. She was supernally good at it, too – which is not always a given. We have all, Dear Readers, known sad but determined gardeners whose efforts are an exercise in still lives and Martian landscapes. She … Continue reading

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Flat Tire At The Crossroads

Kage BakerĀ  wanted her life to run a certain way. She worked hard at getting it that way, and she didn’t like changes to the things she had painstakingly established. No one really does – but not everyone labours with … Continue reading

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