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Day Zero – Good News

Hi – this is Neassa. I just heard from Kimberly and the surgery was a success! It took longer than the surgeon had planned. He apparently didn’t believe Kathleen when she told him just how much scar tissue she has!

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Slight delay

The hospital wants to get two more doses of the antibiotic into Kathleen, so Kimberly won’t be able to get her out of there until after 1:30am. Probably immediately after 1:30am.

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Latest News

I just talked to Kimberly. Kathleen is healing very fast from the surgery, and the doctor is taking her staples out tomorrow. Kimberly should be able to spring her about noon. The doctor still hasn’t seen the final pathology report, … Continue reading

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More news

More news from Kimberly. Kathleen’s doing well, in fact, she’ll probably be home tomorrow. There will be stories.

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Good News!

This is Neassa, and I have Good News from Kimberly! Kathleen is heading into post-op. Surgery went very well, and there’s a good chance she won’t need chemo. They did not manage to take the lymph nodes, because scar tissue … Continue reading

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