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Kage Baker was,  in her heart of hearts, an illuminator. Barring the problems of being the wrong nationality, the wrong gender and being born half a millenium too late, she’d have loved the life of a book-making Irish monk. When … Continue reading

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Topical and Tropical Announcements

Kage Baker, as I have frequently observed, was fond of heat. What she preferred was a dry, moderate heat; mid-90’s, maybe a breeze off the sea, low humidity. The exhalation of the desert, as a dear friend once called it … Continue reading

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Dragons, Slightly Out of Season

Kage Baker loved fire. Anything that blazed or leaped or exploded – especially in colours! – she adored. We usually kept a brazier in the back yard, and we would light fires just to sit beside them and talk and … Continue reading

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