The Tor Re-read Rolls Along!

Kage Baker would be so thrilled to know that Stephan Raets is doing a re-read of her work at Tor! She much admired and enjoyed the re-reads that are done there, following many of them herself – she always wanted to do one of the Oz stories. And Stefan is/was a friend, whom she would be pleased to see reading her stuff.

Today, he has generously posted my own comments on How She Did It, concerning some of the process of Kage’s writing In The Garden of Iden. The link to it is:

Stefan just sent it to me. And thanks to Medrith as well, who found it first and let me know early this morning! Lovely ways to start my Tuesday. Do go take a look, and plan on continuing to read Stefan’s re-read, too. Sky Coyote comes next – and eventually, I hope, my own recollections on How She Did That One Too. There are some interesting tales connected to it.

Yestreday, Dear Readers, I made a rare excursion into politics and personal grief. It was that or run away to live in Griffith Park with the coyotes. Nonetheless, I apologize for the self-indulgence.

There were bright notes yestreday, especially for Kage’s work and the writing in general. The Germans want to see Knight & Dei! That hasn’t been published or even accepted for publication in the US yet – I am amazed. A longed-for opening in China seems to be manifesting, as well as some in Eastern Europe. Italy is happening. Greece may be, as well. Kage would be dancing with glee; she loved the international printings.

My agent is particularly pleased about the Chinese interest – I am delighted with the Easter European ones, since one of the Kage’s favourite versions of her work was the Russian Anvil of the World. It’s a gorgeous enigma of a book, with covers of real leather and pages of what appear to be toilet paper; as gorgeously illustrated as an Irish breviary or the walls of the Kremlin – and, of course, in Cyrillic! I must dig if out of storage and see about publicizing the illustrations – which are like nothing else for any of her books; sad Russian eyes suit Smith amazingly well.

And all of this promises that my transmission will be eventually replaced, too. Which would be nice. My goal with my beloved Cruiser is to preserve the chassis and interior long enough to replace the engine with something alternative – those new batteries promised by Tesla, or a hover motor, or anti-gravity: whatever shows up. Even if I end up harnessing it to a couple of Shires, it’ll be easier if there are gears …

Anyway, life is back on track this morning. The world situation still sucks, there is far too much grief and pain and sorrow everywhere, no sudden miracle has rid us of politicians in a flash of poisonous green light … but it is another day, to love people and stand up for what’s right and oppose evil by doing something.

Also, I have a jar of marmalade.

May all of you, Dear Readers, have good things come to you today as well.


About Kate

I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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4 Responses to The Tor Re-read Rolls Along!

  1. Tom says:

    So much good news!!
    Delighted to hear about the new markets. Are any available in Spanish? Our friend Ofelia would enjoy reading your work and Kage’s I think. We thought Cornelia Read was published en Espanol, but it seems not.
    Your car (Queen Anne’s Revenge? Does she have a name?) and mine (Dame Janet II) should commiserate. Our computer control modules are shot.


    • Kate says:

      Yep, nice news. I like to share, because there is never enough to go around. No, my Cruiser doesn’t have a name – he’s just my little faithful ride and boon companion. I believe he carries the spirit of my first car, a 1/4 ton LUV Pickup, as have all my subsequent cars. As a native Angelena, I have a deep emotional relationship with my automobile.


  2. mizkizzle says:

    If the Cruiser can hang on another two years, you can get the new Tesla. My husband ordered one and it sounds like a dream come true, although our car repair guy isn’t happy, seeing as how it will have far fewer parts to need replacing.


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