Third Weekend of Dickens, Mark II

Kage Baker was always acutely aware that only one of us could drive. She was also always worried that I insisted on a stick shift, which most of our friends and all our family could not drive. She felt it was an unneeded affectation, and rather short-sighted of me.

I prefer to think it is my innate coolness, but … She may have been right. I have no backup driver, and have just discovered I cannot drive today. I have been benched by shortness of breath and some impudent left arm pain … so I am staying home.

On the other hand, since I made this uncharacteristically sensible decision, we’ve discovered that Mikey had forgotten to pack his dress shirts ( which would have caused hysteria at 6 AM tomorrow) and Kimberly had forgotten to pay the property tax (which would have blown up at midnight).  Neither of these would have been found out in time if I had not taken to my bed like the old crone I am increasingly becoming.

So I can still function as a bad example, I guess.

I shall receive reports of the goings on in the Cow Palace, and disseminate them here tomorrow. Gonna go eat high explosives now.

About Kate

I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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9 Responses to Third Weekend of Dickens, Mark II

  1. Rachel says:

    Glad you are taking care of you.


  2. Marc Bailey says:

    While generally, observation and experience have led me to believe that sensible decisions are often over rated, In this case I applaud your superb judgement. Rest well.


  3. catharine says:

    Driving stick is insanely cooler than automatic. I’m with you on that one. Hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!


  4. Kate says:

    “insanely cool …” Yup, that’s me.


  5. Maggie says:

    I finally decided that I am no longer obliged to be quite that cool. I’ve proved I can drive a stick. I have felt the road under me. I got seriously tired of having a car slide back a foot down a hill to go forward 2 inches while waiting through three lights to get on the freeway. The panic that created every single time finally became insupportable. So when I finally had to buy a car again, I bought an automatic. I’ve seldom been so happy to make a sensible decision. Maybe one day, you will too. 🙂 It could happen.

    Glad your decided to stay home. The universe sometimes has a strange way of making its needs known!


  6. Chris Springhorn says:

    Good thing there are 2 tins of dark-chocolate peppermint bark in the luggage – 1 for the Parlour and 1 for you to have at home. Look for a special delivery early next week.


  7. Medrith says:

    Kate! Shortness of breath and left arm pain? Didn’t you have a heart attack a few years ago? I wish you would call your doctor if you haven’t already.


    Your nagging Aunt Medrith (I’m everybody else’s, may as well be yours too)


  8. Kate says:

    Medrith: don’t worry. I am being an Involved and Careful Patient.

    Officially, I’ve had four MI’s – but just little ones. What I do have, though, are absurdly narrow arteries – no plaque, just narrow blood vessels. To counteract this, I also have four platinum stents in my cardiac arteries. They work fine. My doctor’s current theory is that they are pressing on a nerve somewhat, causing the arm pain. It is complicated by my being slightly dextro-cardiac – my heart is more over to the right of my chest than most people’s.

    Time for the loathly stress test again!


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