Holiday Food

Kage Baker always held that the holiday (whatever holiday was currently “It”) wasn’t over until the leftovers were gone. For instance, you might be munching cold spareribs for a couple days after 4th of July, while setting off the last bat-killer rockets in the back yard because you’ve used up all the big fireworks two days before … and everyone knows Halloween candy lasts for days, and Easter eggs will hang around until they go zombie and try to kill you.

Right now, Christmas is just about over even by this generous standard. The roast beef was revivified a couple of times by new Yorkshire puddings (pro tip, Dear Readers – muffin top pans make wonderful Yorkshire puddings; Sur Le Table – carries them) and devoured on Boxing Day and the like. The New Year’s ham bone ended up in stock, which glorified last night’s Tuscan bean soup; the last shredded ham will go to pea soup this weekend. We’ve had re-warmed pudding (Yorkshire and sweet); we’ve had leftover mashed potatoes, Breakfast of Champions. The hoppin’ John was eaten down to the last money-symbolic black eyed pea.

Corgis don’t eat black eyed peas, by the way; they lick off the butter and spit them out apologetically. Parrots do eat them. Obviously,this year, the parrot will have money and the dog will be poor … we’re still trying to work out the deep meaning of this omen. Petomancy is not an exact science.

The Christmas sweeties last a little longer – chocolate keeps better than beef – but even there I am down to the foil chocolate Coins of The World, which always go last because they are so hard to unwrap. (Never save the foil gold coins for a desperate late-night binge: you’ll end up eating them foil and all when the voices get too loud.) The traditional box of See’s choccies is down to the peanut clusters and the damned molasses chips. Kimberly and I ate the last two marzipan piglet heads this morning – mmmMMM, marzipan pigs; the only thing better is sugar mousies.

At the moment, though, the weather and time are making it plain the Christmas holidays are, yes, over. Even in this neighborhood by Griffith Park – which is church-rich and wildly culturally diverse – the lights came down yestreday when the Epiphany was past. The day is cool and grey, without being  decently freezing or even wet; just soft and sleepy and chilly, clouds gathering and then absent-mindedly wandering away before they do anything of interest. We’ve  got all the packages ordered for Christmas, even the late ones. All we’re waiting for now is textbooks for the new quarter, which is just plain depressing.

Lunch was Thai food. It was wonderfully good Thai food – one of the joys of moving back to L.A. has been decent Thai food again – but when you are ordering in Asian food, you know the holidays are over. There is just no other excuse for pad thai or crab rice when you’re only a week past the New Year.

Time to resume writing on a dedicated basis again, and not just the daily catharsis of this blog. I can’t get chocolate on my notes because I ate it all (the chocolate) so I have no excuses at all. Time to pick up the silk threads of the Ladies of Nell Gwynne’s adventures,  and write a slam-bam ending to Who We Did On Our Summer Holidays.

Kage would understand the procrastination so far; but now that the sweets have all been eaten, it’s time to get back to work.

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I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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3 Responses to Holiday Food

  1. Neassa says:

    Save the molasses chips for the next time you’re up here. Kelly and I will happily devour them.

  2. Kate says:

    That’s right, you like the nasty things!

    • maggiros says:

      I try not to eat anything that is actually harder than my teeth. I do like the peanut clusters, though. I always start with the caramels then pray for nougat. 🙂

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