I Fell Througfh a HOle

Kage Baker … oAKY
, FOREST problem is that I just posted this with nothing in it escept kage’s name. The folks among you Dear Readers who get tghis sent directly to your mailboxes are doubtl;ess wondering whatr the heck is going on.

Allow me to explain.

To begin again, Kage always maintained that there are doors everuwhere. to everywhere else. Sometimes they were literally mundane normal doors – doors that once existed and had been annotated on some map (Kage loved old insurance maps; they record everything) but that now no longer were there. Nonetheless, Kage knew about them and could tell me where – in a nicely redecorated wall, or thin air in a levelled lot – they had once stood. And she did. She was endlessly fascinated with architechtural details that had used to be in places we were looking.

Sometimed they were atmosphereic oddities or peculiar places in the landscape. Kage would declare them doors, and often wax volubly creative on where they went. That was fun; soetimes scary and sometimes hilarious, but always A Trip. In many ways … there were times, late at night usually, where Kage would swear we’d gone through some portal and had to reverse the effects. She’d go on and on about where we were abd how it was different, and ultimately concoct some wild way of ostensiobly getting us back in the right Universe.

Whether or not she succeeded is a mtter of faith, I guess. I choose to believe we’re in thw saME deimension qwhere we were born. Although it was also an article of faith with us that Kage could, eventually, get whatever she wanted … we ultimately got every house we every desried; lived precisely where we wanted; worked Faire, travelled just as much as we wanted to. Kage became a writer. We used to joke that she bent the Universe to her will in small but potent ways to acheive this – but maybe she really did.

I don’t know. I do know I can’t do it; except in that ordinary human way that any of us can, if we set our minds to the task and our shoulders to the wheel and invest a lot of sweat equity in what we want. I know how to work toward a gila, and I know it works. But I can’t skip through portals into alternate diomensions, except bty accident. I can fall through just as well as anybody.

I think I fell through one today. It’s one where migraines live in my head and fly in and out of my skull like bnesting swallows under a bridge. When you drive under a brisdge where thety are nesting, they explode before ye like a sky rocket and for an instant you are surrounded by shining shrapnel … that keeps happening.

Today’s entry is uncorrected to show whatr happens when you try to type with amigraine. Amusing, no? At least it’s not the kind that hurts. Just the kind that fries your neurons and overlays the world with metal lace. Like the Terminator’s vision going bad, but with better taste in static.

Tomorrow, I will make more sense. Maybe. I should be over the migraine and have found my way back through the portal, returning to that universe where all the details are just right. Not the one where gunpowder doesn’t work and chocolate was never invented and mice are used by plumbers as drain cleaners .. or wherever I’ve been today.

Of course, maybe only one of those things will get corrected, which could get interesting. Maybe I’ll still have a migraine, which will result in stil mroe nonsense written here. Or maybe I’ll just still bei nt eh land of Gumdrop Trees, which I won’t find out untul October when they are all harvested for the Halloween trade … one never knows.

The Mound Builsder of Cahokia, Illinois, tell a story of the sky maiden Nanabhozo (and that is not a typo, her name really is Nanabhozo), who fell through a hole in the sky while digging up a turnip.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

A generic portal

About Kate

I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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5 Responses to I Fell Througfh a HOle

  1. mizkizzle says:

    Oh my! I feel you pain. Literally.
    Today must be National Migraine Day because I had a bad one, too. It felt like there were X-acto blades behind my right eye and thunderheads roiling through my sinuses. Not nice.
    The worst part is that dark chocolate is suspected to trigger migraines. I don’t give a damn. I eat it anyway because chocolate is vital, like oxygen and Sherlock Holmes stories.
    The auras are disturbing and the nausea is horrid. People who don’t get migraines (like my husband, who has never once had even a regular headache nor has he ever had a cavity or a broken bone, making me suspect he is a cyborg) don’t understand but other migraine people do.
    I hope you’re feeling better.


    • Kate says:

      I’m doing better than you are, obviouskly! No pain, just auras and nausea – and as the temperature drops here, it’s getting better. I hope you feel better, too – no more razor blades. bad things, used optically.

      Kathleen kbco.wordpress.com


  2. maggiros says:

    I thought dark chocolate was suppose to suppress or stave off migraines! It can’t possibly bring them on. There is no accountint for my early onset inability to type.


    • Kate says:

      Dark chocolate has many, many virtues – but to my knowledge, it is often a trigger for certain kinds of migraines. Not all, mind you – it didn’t do it to Kage, but some folks are tragically felled by it.

      However, it will lower your blood pressure, raise your serotin, fight tooth plaque, lower cholesterol, promote endorphin release … and it contains protein and vitamin C, plus there is an indication that it carries a hormone that eases lactose intolerance. So if you don’t abreact migrainally, eat it happily. It’s good for you.

      There may be no more aptly named plant, other than the death cap mushroom …

      Kathleen kbco.wordpress.com


  3. Mary Lynn Reed says:

    I have a book entitled Chocolate Therapy; I will have to research migraines in it. Personally I’ve always preached having a store of medicinal chocolate. But I don’t get migraines.Many other afflictions like rocks in my inner ear that can lay me flat for days with vertigo, but gratefully, not migraines. My deepest sympathies.


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