Home And Somnolent

Kage Baker once told me (blearily clutching her coffee cup), “A trip’s not over until you’ve slept it off.”

She was good at bon mots like that.

After an epically wretched flight home – 10 hours to get from SeaTac to Bob Hope Airport, a new personal best! – I am spending today mostly sleeping. In between times I am petting all the household animals, who have evidently been starved and neglected during the week or so I was in Washington. That’s what they all claim, anyway. I got my doubts, I gotta tell ya, but the furry little fibbers are fun to cuddle.

Details tomorrow, Dear Reader, and how my unwanted adventures in the airport contributed to various story ideas. Now I am going to go pet corgi ears and doze again.

There’s no place like home!

About Kate

I am Kage Baker's sister. Kage was/is a well-known science fiction writer, who died on January 31, 2010. She told me to keep her work going - I'm doing that. This blog will document the process.
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3 Responses to Home And Somnolent

  1. Neassa says:

    Ah, corgi ears!

    Glad you’re safe home.


  2. Jane says:

    A VP at my office called in today, claiming to be stuck on Maui, unable to get a plane home. Somehow, your story is more sympathetic! Happy snuggling.


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