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Home From WorldCon 1

Kage BakerĀ never learned to drive. This was a public service on her part, as her eyesight was poor: she had strabismus, and was effectively blind in one eye. She also felt she was emotionally unsuited to cope with other drivers … Continue reading

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The Day After

Kage Baker was often taken to Pismo Beach as a child, for her family’s summer vacation. For some reason – probably having to do with the expense and difficulty of housing 8, 9, 10 people or more, depending on who … Continue reading

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Super? Bowl Sunday, Anyway

Kage Baker detested football. She wasn’t fond of most sports – except some classic ones she only watched at the Olympics – but American football most especially riled her. She wasn’t that fond of British footie, either, but at least … Continue reading

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Madam, Will You Talk?

Kage Baker often talked to the telephone. Not on the telephone, mind you. She hated being on the telephone, despiteĀ  – or more likely because – she spent most of her 9 to 5 career as a Customer Service representative. … Continue reading

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